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ROGUEMAKER: A Science Fiction Podcast

When a far-future commercial spaceflight ends in disaster, the survivors are left floating in escape pods with nothing but the radio for company. What happened to their flight? And…where are they going now? This Audio Verse Award-winning sci-fi whodunnit mystery features music, intercepted fast-food advertisements, and things that should never be found. Listen wherever you find your podcasts.

“Everything about this universe is so well thought out and put together, it comes to life in your mind.” – Reet Arora

“What happens to all of the normal people in science fiction who aren’t on the super sophisticated rockets? I really like that they’ve evoked those aesthetics.” – Ella Watts, BBC Radio 4 Extra

“With multiple mysteries afoot and a universe that’s constantly getting bigger, I’m excited to see where [ROGUEMAKER] takes us next.” – Rashika Rao

“Very original and very well thought-out.” – Nathan Comstock

“Suddenly the alarm goes off and the whole podcast just kicks into action really quickly…it goes from feeling kind of claustrophobic but safe to feeling incredibly perilous and tense.” – Chris Pearson, BBC Radio 4 Extra

Where to find us?

ROGUEMAKER is on Buzzsprout at https://www.buzzsprout.com/1839502 and our RSS feed is https://feeds.buzzsprout.com/1839502.rss

We’re on Twitter and Instagram @roguemakerpod, on tumblr here, and you can join our official fan Discord server here

Contact us with questions or comments at roguesfpod@gmail.com.

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