Cast and Crew

EMMA JOHANNA PURANEN (she/her) is the creator and writer of ROGUEMAKER, as well as the voice of Ship. An astronomer, writer, and LARPer from Virginia, she currently lives in Scotland studying for her PhD in exoplanets and science fiction. Her science fiction has been reviewed in Nature Astronomy. She likes long runs on the beach (no, really). You can find her on Twitter @spacesword13. You can also hire Emma as a voice actor or science consultant — more info on her website here.

ROOK MOGAVERO (they/them) is a director and script editor for ROGUEMAKER, as well as the voice of the Stowaway. They attended Swarthmore College and graduated in 2020 with a degree in Theater, which feels like a bad joke at this point. They now live in New York and spend most of their time working on podcasts and being silly with their girlfriend. Follow them on Twitter at @CorvidCastle12 for updates and more bad jokes.

SHAONI C. WHITE (they/them) is a script editor for ROGUEMAKER. They are a writer of speculative fiction and horror whose work has been published in Podcastle and Uncanny Magazine.

EMILY BRANAM (she/her) is the composer for ROGUEMAKER. A biologist, actor, and multi-instrumentalist from West Virginia, she works in conservation and habitat restoration but spends her free time making music. Emily is all about noise and how to experience more of it please and thank you.

TATYANA ARCHTANDER (she/they) is the cover artist for ROGUEMAKER. Hailing from Norway, she’s a 2D animation student who loves designing everything from TTRPG characters to logos. Tatyana can be found on social media as @TheAcezu on Twitter and Instagram.

NHEA DUROUSSEAU (she/her) is the voice of Alyss Obelus in ROGUEMAKER. She is based in northern Virginia and has sadly fallen into the shadowy world of voice acting, slinking into dark vocal booths to record “just a few more lines.” Find her on Twitter @MochaDuchess.

STEPHEN INDRISANO (he/they) is the voice of Cpt. Tarsul in ROGUEMAKER. His other credits include Steve on Two Flat Earthers Kidnap a Freemason and Eddie on Keep it Steady. Their writing is featured in the essay collection “Violence in the Films of Stephen King”. He owns and operates Indrisano Audio, LLC.

ALASDAIR STUART (he/him) is the voice of Malachi Tessera in ROGUEMAKER. Alasdair is a professional enthusiast, pop culture analyst, writer and voice actor. He co-owns the Escape Artists podcasts and hosts their weekly horror fiction show, PseudoPod. He is an Audioverse Award winner, a multiple Hugo Award and BFA finalist, writes the multiple-award nominated weekly pop culture newsletter, The Full Lid, streams on Twitch, and tweets @AlasdairStuart. Learn more at

LIZ MOREY (they/them) is the voice of Kuzha Tvask in ROGUEMAKER. A voice actor, cosplayer, and tabletop enthusiast, they are very excited to journey into this new corner of space.

ALEXANDRA ROSE DEANGELIS (she/they) is the voice of Woh́́ Ollum in ROGUEMAKER. A NY-based actor and graduate of Wagner College with a BA in Theatre Performance, Alexandra is over the moon (haha get it?) to be reprising her role from the original LARP. For credits, reels, and more, check out

OMAR CAMPS-KAMRIN (he/him) has the pleasure of playing Lowkey Madigan in ROGUEMAKER. Omar is a composer, arranger, performer, and educator based in NYC. He is a singer as well as a pianist and guitarist, and has most recently taken up the accordion. He loves making art with others, walking in the park, listening to film scores, and his cat Artemis. You can find him at

SAM YEOW (she/her) is the voice of No Go in ROGUEMAKER. An internationally diverse voice actor, Sam speaks multiple languages, plays the uke, sings in the shower, plays volleyball, goes skateboarding, and still finds time to walk her little Shih-Tzu, Ocean.

AXANDRE OGE (pronounced: Eks – And – Jri Oh – gee) (he/him) is the voice of Valencio “Trip” Triptych in ROGUEMAKER. Oge is a DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) based actor and artist, and is super excited to be a part of the cast. Previous credits: The Secret Of St. Kilda (Haggis and Dragons), The White Road Tales Chronicles (Narrator), Snapshots (Convergence Theater), Welcome To Sis’ (Ally Theatre), Winter’s Tale (The Wheel Theatre), Gone Fishin’ (Silver Spring One Acts), Body (Capital Fringe).

BONNIE CALDERWOOD ASPINWALL (they/them) is the voice of Pascal Almagest in ROGUEMAKER. Bonnie is an erstwhile theatre kid making their return to acting after a long break (undercover op?) pretending to be a real grown-up. They are an Edinburgh Fringe veteran and itinerant poet, and they spend their days lurking in library basements (if you’re thinking of Night Vale librarians, yes).

SAM LAPORTE (he/they) is the voice of the Racer on ROGUEMAKER. An astronomer by trade, Sam is a huge fan of acting and role-playing in all their forms and is super excited to be a part of ROGUEMAKER! In his free time he likes to make new, interesting noises with his mouth and design TTRPG campaigns.